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Did you have a hard time training your dog Lucy? Are there any tips you can share?

The best piece of advice I can offer from first-hand experience is consistency in all training. We did crate training, which was very helpful in terms of housebreaking, and also with giving your dog a quiet, comfortable place when they are alone in the house or when you cannot be actively involved with them for certain periods of time. I also suggest plenty of exercise for the dog to burn-off extra energy and create a happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved animal companion.

What All My Children co-stars’ work do you most admire?

David Canary, Michael Knight, Jill Larson and, of course, Susan (Lucci!) all consistently do remarkable work.

Do you have a chance to watch other soaps? Which shows and actors do you enjoy watching?

I don’t get much of a chance to watch other shows, but I occasionally catch General Hospital, which I always like. I think Stuart Damon (“Alan”) and Jackie Zeman (“Bobbie”) are always great, as is my old AMC cast-mate Robin Christopher (“Skye”).

When my daughter Allison was on Guiding Light (Summer and Fall of 2002, she played “Lizzie Spaulding”) I watched THAT show religiously !! SHE was my favorite actress on GL!

What kinds of movies do you and your husband watch at home when you have a quiet night together?

Sometimes we’ll watch a classic – just recently we rented Twelve Angry Men which neither of us had ever seen. Other times we will watch one of our favorite movies again -- Reversal of Fortune, Driving Miss Daisy ….. And of course, we’ll often rent a movie that we missed in the theatres and is just out on video, like Minority Report.

What are your favorite television shows this season?

Will & Grace, Medium, ER, and almost ANY animal show on Animal Planet.

Where do you shop for clothes?

One of my favorite stores is called Lucky Brand – they carry casual clothing and have great jeans, jackets and shirts. My husband and I have both brought stuff for each other there! I also love a few small boutiques near where we live, and I shop fairly regularly at Neiman Marcus – both in the department store and at their website. I also like shopping on the web at

How do you make your skin look so great ? What is your routine ?

Morning and evening, I cleanse my face well with a cleansing lotion from a cosmetologist in Manhattan with whom I’ve had my facials done for over twenty years. I follow that with her astringent and moisturizer. Sometimes, for toning and rejuvenating my skin, I use Jurlique’s all-natural “Herbal Recover Gel” and “Eye Gel” as well.
I make sure I cleanse and moisturize well in the morning AND at night. And I ALWAYS make sure that I take my makeup off before bed. On days I work at the studio and have lots of makeup on, I take it off as soon as I can.

What makeup brands do you wear off-screen ?

When I’m not working on All My Children, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I am a cosmetics “junkie” and love to try new products. Lately, I’ve been wearing: Yves St. Laurent foundation; Lancome “Dual Finish” powder; Christian Dior, Chanel and M.A.C. eye shadows in mauves and taupes; M.A.C.’s powder blush (in “Sierra”); M.A.C. lipsticks (I love the color “Captive”) and lip pencils; and Laura Mercier’s lipsticks (I wear the color “Just Lips” for a natural look).

How do you care for your hair ?

I wash and condition with Graham Webb products and use a variety of styling products depending on what look I am going for. For texture, I like Sebastian “Laminates”; Artec “Texture Spray”; and Nolita’s “Thickening Serum” and also their “Whipped Wax.” For styling I like Kenneth Salon’s “Biogel Mousse.” For hold, I use L'Oréal’s “Mighty Mist” or Sebastian “Zero Hair Spray.”

How do you stay in such great shape ?

I don’t necessarily enjoy working out (who does ?!) but I know it is important for my body and my health. Ideally, when my schedule allows, I work with a trainer three times a week doing interval training for one hour, combining cardio and weights. For cardio we mostly use my Reebok “Step” and for weights we use free weights and exercise “bands” and a medicine ball. Sometimes I’ll jump rope for cardio for a change of pace. On top of those three one hour workouts, I also try to do 20 minutes twice a week of just weights and resistance training.

What former co-stars are you in touch with ?

I am still in touch with Dick Shoberg (ex-“Tom”). He works with his wife at the restaurant they own in New City, New York. It is called “Lemongrass Thai Restaurant” and it is absolutely wonderful ! We see them quite a bit. I also occasionally correspond with Laura Roman (ex-“Laura”) who lives and works on the west coast and has landed quite a few guest appearances on various shows including “Buffy.” Vasili Bogazionos (ex-“Benny Sago”) and I exchange holiday letters every year and he is doing great and is happily married living on the west coast.

Do you pick your own wardrobe ?

Our costume designer and wardrobe department put my outfits together. I have a “Brooke” closet in the wardrobe department at All My Children that the designers keep updated with clothes they gather from different specialty shops and department stores. When they buy new things I usually get a chance to approve or disapprove of outfits as I try them on and do “fittings.” When it comes to a special event like the “Crystal Ball” or a wedding (mine or someone else’s !) the gowns are usually designed for each character by the AMC costume designer and then created by a dress design house that he works with.

How are you like Brooke ?

Brooke and I are both short ! No really, we are both very passionate about our children, our family and our work. But I do think Brooke is a bit more serious and reserved than I am in real life. I have always been considered a “class clown.”

Do you get frustrated with certain directions your storyline takes ? Or the lack of airtime your character gets ?

I am an actress and it really is my job to perform whatever is given to me. Sure, it sometimes is better than others… but I believe that is the same for all people in all jobs. Sometimes we enjoy what we have to do and other times it isn’t as fulfilling. I try not to get bogged down in that though, because the bottom line is that I LOVE being an actress and doing the work – and I just want to have the chance to work. The writers have a very difficult job which I totally understand – they have to weave many actors, characters, and stories together under incredible stress and guidelines. That will mean some of us won’t work as often as others. Of course I’d like to work more, and it is always nice to hear that the fans want to see me more !

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