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Over the years, I have received many requests from local shelters wanting my help. I have now come up with a way to support those shelters with a new “fundraising” program.

I am offering shelters with registered NON PROFIT 501C3 STATUS a chance to purchase the note cards and sell them locally to support your organization.

The cost to shelters is $7.00 per unit/package (there are 8 cards to a package). The suggested sale price (what they sell for at the retail level) is $14.00 (raising $7 for each unit a shelter sells). Of course you can price them as you see fit to meet your own fundraising goals.

The minimum order is 20 units and again, registered non profit 501C3 status is mandatory or we cannot process your request.

If you are interested and would like to request that we mail you an application for your shelter to participate in our note card fundraising program, please fill out my guestbook and supply us with your shelter’s mailing address.

Thank you very much!